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About us

The Company “Sum Agro Service” was constituted in 2011, having as major objectives the quality and accessible price of products and the performance of services offered to our clients and partners.

We offer high-standard services. Till present, we supported all clients who asked for our help, regardless of the size, type and location of business.

Our clients enjoy free delivery of products through the whole of republic. The company’s politics is to meet the clients’ needs, satisfying any of their demands. Our clients may avail of technical support offered by experts of Noack, Austria, who are experienced in the field of high quality nutrition.

The team is made up of a young, united, dynamic and ambitious staff with a large domain experience.

The firm’s activity is conducted in two fields:

a) consultation on technology of breeding, foraging of poultry and its treatment.

b) registration, promotion and trade of vet products.

“Sum Agro Service” is a third-party partner of forage additives with the company Noack of Austria and is the sole distributor of the companies MIAVIT (Germany),  LICRA (Austria), KEMIRA(Holland),  VAPCO and REEFCO (Jordan) in Republic of Moldova.

“Sum Agro Service” has a large range of products, such as: acidifiants, inhibitors of mycotoxins, antioxidants, disinfectors, antibiotics and vitamins. Our company tries to help its clients by offering always new products, special vet medication, promoting innovative ideas or principles, more economic and profitable, being in a continuous search of a most correct price-quality ratio and contributing in such a way to the profitability of our clients’ business. With this purpose, through our own forces and the support of our partners, whom we are recognizable, we participated and produced the complete offer of vet medicines, within the most important event and exhibition of the veterinary and agricultural domain: the Farmer.