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A ready-to-use fly bait granules for the control of adults houseflies.


each kg. Contains 50 gm (w/w) imidacloprid

active  ingredient. Z, 9- tricosene (sex attractant) – 10 gm.


Goldbait: kills flies quickly and effectively because it contains     sex attractant.

Goldbait: has a bitter taste to prevent accidental intake.

Uses and application rates:

Pest –  adult houseflies (musca domestica) and lesser houseflies (fannia caricularis)

Rate2.0 g/m2

Outside :

Battoirs, animal housing, garbage containers, fopd processing plants and other industrial and commercial areas.

Around :

Industrial sites, feedlot manure heaps, garbage dumps.

Scatter application :

The bait should be scattered ( do not put in piles) onto dry level surfaces (e.g. pathways , window ledges or in shallow dishes) . Avoid extremely dusty areas.

Wet bait :

In many situations more flies can be attracted to moist bait. This can be achieved by sprinkling bait on moist hessian sacks (placed out of reach of all livestock) or by lightly moistening bait with a light spray of water.

Re-baiting :

Re-baiting may be necessary in 3-5 days depending on exposure, weather and density of fly populations.


Commercial and industrial facilities and animal houses only in areas inaccessible to livestock and domestic animals.

Under :

Animal and poultry cages only in areas inaccessible to livestock.

Apply as a scatter bait application as above ,

Place out of reach of all livestock and away from feed.

Re-bait as above.

General instructions:

Goldbait can be appliead in many locations. Avoid cool or windy locations because flies prefer warm sires for resting. For the best result time applications to begin at the start of the season.