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Solid and balanced combination of acids and their salts used for acidification of feed for animals and poultry;microbiological control of food;asource of calcium.


It is a mixture of calcium salts of organic acids.

It contains as active ingredients:

Formic acid 33 %

Acetic acid 13,5 %

Lactic acid 11 %

Citric acid 8 %

Calcium – not less than 22 %

Energy value – 3,32 MJ / kg,  for poultry 4,22 MJ / kg

Properties and indications:

NOACK AC PD 2 comprises 100 % active substances of acids and calcium salts which have a wide range of functionality. At a lower pH, calcium salts are transformed into acids , which have a preservative effect. NOACK AC PD 2 prevents proliferation of harmful bacteria in food and improves the quality and shelf life of the food. As a result, the amount of harmful bacteria in the gastro -intestinal tract is decreasedif you use the less contaminated feed.

NOACK AC PD 2 suppresses the development of pathogenic bacteria (GR – E. coli , salmonella), stimulates the development of non-pathogenic bacteria (Gr + Lactobacilli and Bifidobatsily ) increases the protective barrier of the stomach , acts as a stimulant to growth, leads to normalized PH in the stomach , inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria in  intestines.

NOACK AC PD 2 improves feed conversion, increases the absorption of calcium and zinc, (increase of proteindigestibility reduces the incidence of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the incidence of diarrhea for piglets and chicken ), increases immunity and improves economic indicators. This product inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi in the feed. It doesn’t cause the development of bacterial resistance.

NOACK AC PD 2 is recommended for preservation of forage containing products of animal origin (fish meal, meat and bone meal), which is stored more than 5 days.

Dosage and Application:

NOACK AC PD 2  is used for poultry (broilers, laying hens and turkeys ), rabbits and pigs.

The recommended dose in the final feed  is2-5 kg / ton of feed ( when the feed is strongly polluted, the  dose can be increased up to 15 kg.).

NOACK AC PD 2 is compatible with all the ingredients in animal feeds, medicines and feed additives.

While usage of the product in accordance with the instructions of application,side effects and complications havenot been recorded.

Contraindications have not been established.

Waiting period: It doesn’t have.


NOACK AC PD 2 should be stored at the temperatures not higher than  30 ° C , in a dry and dark place . Protect from freezing.

For veterinary usage.

NOACK AC PD 2  has a shelf life of  2 years from the date of manufacture.

Produced by: Noack&Oo GmbH. ,Austria

Distributor:“SumAgroService” SRL

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