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Oxy –Tect ST

                               OXY-TECT ST

Premix for production of animal feed
- Antioxydants: BHT (E 321), ethoxyquin (E 324), BHA (E 320)
- Chelators: citric acid (E330)
- Carrier: Mg-silicate (E 553), Ca-carbonate (E 170)
- Compound feed 125 g/to
- Premixes 1.000 – 3.000 g/to
- Raw materials 100 – 1.000 g/to
- Bags, 25 kg net weight
OXY-TECT ST protects compound feed, premixes and raw materials effectively from
oxydative processes by an optimum concentration of active ingredients.
BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin protect directly from oxydation by inactivation of radicals.
Citric acid builds chelates with metal ions (such as Fe or Zn), so oxydative processes
cannot be initiated.
Mg-silicate guaranteed best free flowing and processing characteristics
OXY-TECT ST is stable at high temperature feed treatments such as pelleting,
expanding or extruding
OXY-TECT ST is compatible with all feed ingredients and additives
OXY-TECT ST has a shelf life of minimum 2 years from date of production
OXY-TECT ST should be stored under cool and dry conditions
Produced by: Miavit, Dr. Hans Niemeyer GmbH & CoKG