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Aminoreef + Se




Composition / 1ml

Sodium selenite – 100 mg

Vitamin A – 14,400,000 UI

Vitamin B1 – 1200 mg

Vitamin D3 – 3840000 UI

Vitamin B6 – 1200

Vitamin E – 3200 mg

Сalciumpantothenate -D – 4000 mg.

Vitamin K3 –800 mg.

Vitamin C -4000 mg.

Amino acids – 17,000 mg.

( Isoleucine , leucine , lysine, meteonin , threonine , tryptophan , valine , alanine , aspartic acid , glutamic acid , cysteine ​​, glycine , proline , hydroxyproline , serine , arginine , histidine)

Minerals- 5000 mg. (Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Se).

Pharmacological properties: AMINOREF contains an excellent combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are vital for the growth and productivity; it’s also prescribed after the antibacterial treatment fornervous and skin problems.

AMINOREF + Se contains the biological antioxidant Selenium (prevents damage and cell destruction), protects hemoglobin, hepatoprotective effect, stimulates the production of antibodies, promotes fertility, reduces the toxic effects of some metals in the body; it helps to maintain the elasticity of  tissues and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular problems.

AMINOREF is used to detect stress after vaccination, transportation, change of water and feed. It has also a positive effect on the feed conversion, productivity, fertility and quality of eggs.



40ml / 200 liters of water for 5-10 days


40ml / 200 liters of water for 5-10 days


2-4 ml / head per day for 5-7 days

Sheep and goats:

0.8-1.6 ml / head per day for 5-7 days

Safety period: It does not have.


Store at the temperature below 30 ° C  in a dry and dark place . Protect from freezing.

For veterinary use.

Manufacturer: REEFCO Jordan